American Soccer Analysis Prediction Contest – Week 2!

Well, wasn’t that an exciting first week of games? If you said “no”, you’re probably a Revolution or Red Bull fan, but that’s okay, there are still many, many weeks left in the season. There is, however, only ONE week left of the ASA Prediction Contest. Ten questions separating you from a shiny new subscription to MLS LIVE 2014. Can you handle it? Caaaaaan youuuuuu diiiigggg ittt?! 

Only followers of American Soccer Analysis on Twitter (@AnalysisEvolved) will be eligible for the prize. So if you’re not following us already… why not? We’re cool guys. Some of us have beards, even. Beards are cool. What’s cooler than a beard?

Now I’ll shut up and you can get to picking…


And here’s a mini-update of the top scorers after the first legs of the CCL matchups…


3 thoughts on “American Soccer Analysis Prediction Contest – Week 2!

  1. I don’t think the CCL games should count, this post went up shortly before the first game and the previous week only counted MLS so I figured this week would be only MLS as well and didn’t think I needed to get here to pick for CCL games

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