ASA Podcast: Episode XLV

Well, after a bit of a hiatus the podcast is back. I sit down with Jacob, aka @MLSAthiest, and we have a conversation about an assortment of (mostly) MLS-related topics. A slight note on the podcast itself, I tweaked the format and presentation ever so slightly, and I would love a bit of feed back on it–good or bad. I hope you enjoy it!


ASA Podcast: XXXVII The One Where We Talk ExpG

Don’t get too excited about the title. We really don’t go into this nearly as much as we probably should have. We draw a lot of our thoughts from the 11tegen11 article that sets the table nicely for the discussion, and we just kind of build around that.

The audio for the first portion is a little maddening. We had a few problems, but everything was cleared up after about the first 20 minutes, so don’t be deterred from finishing this one. There are some good points made by Drew and me, if I may say so, which make it well worth a listen.

ASA Podcast XXXV: The Return of The Cast

We’re back with the podcast!
We return to review the snooze-fest that was the US Mens game last weekend. Stepping our big toe into a bit of the pre-season waters and turn the talk to some of the major moves around MLS and some of the clubs we’ve seen improve the most over the last few months. Lastly we give you a bit of insight to what’s going on with the site and perhaps something to watch for in the coming months.

ASA Podcast XXIX: The International Break And All That Garbage

Hey, guys… we’re back with better audio quality this week. A big thanks to Drew who put things together last week in my place, and despite technology failing apart around them, Drew and Matty were able to put together a great podcast.

This week on the show we tackle MLS playoffs, CONCACAF and USMNT dealings and then some Transfers/Loan rumors that are out there. It’s a longer podcast, but it’d been a few weeks since we all got together, and things just rolled. I hope you enjoy it.

ASA Podcast XXVIII: The One where we talk MLS Conference Semi-finals

Last night we talked about the eight teams still in the playoffs in a round-robin-style discussion, and then followed up the playoff talk with a general discussion about numbers. Specifically we talked about often-quoted and used statistics that don’t really hold any value. I also pretty much alienate all lawyers who listen to the podcast. Enjoy!

Analysis Evolved Epsiode XXIV: The One Where We Review The US Open Cup Final

This was a long one folks; the running time is roughly 75 minutes. We usually try to keep everything around an hour, but it’s been a while since all three of us were together. There may have been some moments we got a little excited and went longer than normal. This week’s first segment was an ode to Ben Olsen and the DC United game plan that not only produced a win on the road against a very tough opponent, but also won them the US Open Cup and a bid to the CONCACAF Champions League. Because the first segment went a bit long we used the second segment to cover the usual past week of matches, with emphasis on the following games: Sporting-Philly, New England-Houston, LA-Portland and Seattle-New York, all of which had significant impacts on the playoff outlook. The last segment saw us go into a bit of detail about Sporting Kansas City and a possible run at the MLS Cup. In our language, possible doesn’t always mean probable, but in this case it just might. There is also a the a spot where I completely butcher Matthias’ twitter handle, and I may have also made up a some words in there, too, only to have Drew coyly call me on it.

All in all, this was was an especially fun episode to record, and I hope that you all enjoy it!

Analysis Evolved Episode XX: The One Where We Talk About MLS Front Offices

We moved days! We’ll be getting the podcast to you Thursday night/Friday morning from here on out. You know, rather than getting it to you on Sunday after all the weekends games have been played. If nothing else, it should give you something great* to hear on your way to the match.

This episode, we devote our second segment to talking about the MLS Front offices and geeks vs. nerds, and then we also touch on women in the front office as well as in the coaches’ boxes. Among other things we play a couple of silly games and then, of course, talk random news and notes for the past week. Hope you enjoy!

Editor’s note: Great?

ASA Podcast XII: The one where we talk PDO

I hope you all have enjoyed the build up to this week’s podcast concerning PDO. In today’s episode we review the Gold Cup situation with the Mens National Team, talk a bit about PDO, and then preview Real Salt Lake and Dallas FC (so that you can see how grossly wrong we were). Enjoy!