Harrison Crow started this blog and podcast in an attempt to make millions of dollars, but instead he just got stuck with me, Matthias Kullowatz. We, along with Drew Olsen, banter weekly on our podcast—found on both iTunes and Stitcher—about a sport played with a ball and mostly with peoples’ feet, cleverly called “football.” We focus on MLS and the US National Team, and how to apply statistics to a game that is so fluid. Enjoy the podcast and the site!

Harrison also writes things for NASORB and random other things as he see’s fit.

Matthias keeps busy writing Mariners stuff for NASORB, nerd stuff for his own sports blog, and vacuuming his girlfriend’s hair out of the carpet.

Drew likes punching people for no reason, and also watches a lot of soccer. He can pass with both feet. Impressive!



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