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If you’d like to get a hold of any of us for autograph signings, general living room decor opinions, or, you know, soccer conversation, feel free to contact us in any of the following manners:


























3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey guys, hope all is well your way. I have (perhaps?) etched in stone my statistically supported MLS Ranking System after analyzing over 600 games this year and the latest on that was published on Stumptownfooty entitled “Is it really all about scoring goals?” If time permits check it out if of interest – if anything it’s cheap entertainment ;).

    Anyhow; just wanted to touch base and check in with you guys as the playoffs take on some more clarity.

    I’d like to ask you guys some questions about the Sounders, Timbers and other Western Conference playoff teams to get your thoughts when I right my pre-playoffs piece and I’ll also reference your site in my Columbian Blog.

    Let me know your thoughts guys…

    All the best,

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