American Soccer Analysis Fantasy League

Hey guys, you know how you join a fantasy league every year at the start of a season, and then you forget about it until the dying weeks of the season, once things get exciting? Well we want to you to do that in our league this year! Don’t make me beg, because I’ll do it!

Oh, but you think you’re not cool enough to hang with all of us? Newsflash: our levels of fantasy intelligence and attention to our rosters could both be described as mediocre. Just like you. And wait! There’s more! The winner of this said league will win … something. I promise it’ll be something. I’ve been playing with a few ideas and regardless of what you may have heard of me, I’ve still got a few original ideas.

For instance: How about a gift card to Texas Roadhouse? That place is like… awesome. You can eat peanuts and just throw it on the floor. IT’S ANARCHY! True story: I once ate there on thanksgiving and it was okay. I’m a story teller, what can I say?

Oh, what’s that? Texas Roadhouse gift card isn’t the coolest thing in the world? You have a peanut allergy? You live in Texas and that’s just a normal day for you? No problemo. We’ll trash that idea. I never liked it any how. What about a trip to Disneyland?!? Oh, wait. *Opens wallet* Nope, can’t do that. We’re still poor.

Okay. Whatever the prize, and I’ll make sure it’s good, you could win it, and you’ll be like, “this was so worth the five minutes of setting my line-up while  some guy cries at his computer and screams in all caps ‘I SPENT MORE THAN 10 HOURS A WEEK RESEARCHING TO WIN THIS DUMB LEAGUE.'” And you’ll laugh—hell we’ll all laugh—because remember: we don’t remember to check our line-ups either.

All you have to do is log in to, go to the fantasy section,  join private league, and enter code 9593-1668 to enter into this esteemed gathering of nerds that will probably talk a much bigger game than they are actually capable of backing up.


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