LA Galaxy And A Thought About Jaime Penedo

After a short discussion on twitter here, is the record of the LA Galaxy with Jaime Penedo and then again without him. It’s an extremely small sample size (7 games with vs. 25 without), and so you have to, of course, approach it with a sense of skepticism.

 Penedo Status PPG
with Jaime Penedo 1.44
without Jaime Penedo 1.57

How good are they? Are they an MLS Cup contender? Well… I generally believe once you get to the playoffs you’re a contender regardless. But the question still remains, can the Galaxy still be a team that wins silverware? Maybe, maybe not. It’s really hard to judge at this point. For what it’s worth, I think it’s clear that they are a much better team with him than without. Small sample sizes leave me with only my eyes.

Also, I still think they made a mistake signing Omar Gonzalez to DP contract. I guess that’s another can of worms.


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