ASA Podcast XXXIV: The one where we talk 2013 Defenses: Eastern Conference

Okay, so today we start our review of 2013 and look back at Eastern Conference defenses. We call Chicago, DC and Toronto terrible; I name New England the best defensive team—alongside Sporting Kansas City—and then add Columbus Crew as a dark horse for potential lowest goal against tally in 2014.

We were privileged to have with us Bill Vegas, aka @letskillrobots,on the podcast tonight so please go out and give him a follow and check out his work over at ‘Everybody Soccer‘. We sadly didn’t get to talk about his children’s soccer book review, Five Iron Frenzy, their amazing trumpet player Leanor Ortega aka Jeff the Girl, or Andrew Schaub…maybe we need a not American Soccer Analysis podcast where we talk about the other things outside the soccer pitch that connect us as fans. If so, I’m pretty sure he’d be one of the best guests for me to talk to.

Anyway, there were some moments in which Drew and I both messed up during today’s podcast, and here follow the obligatory corrections.

A) I said that this is podcast 33… that’s wrong. 33 was last year, this is Season 2, Episode 1 or 34… I’m not sure which I’m going to call it yet. Taking notes and general opinions.

B) Drew stated that Chad Marshall was traded for Steve Clark. That’s not true, but it was all really close together, and considering that Seattle really got nothing for Clarke—kind of like Columbus gave nothing up for Marshall—it kind of is the same thing.

C) I said it was Ted Knuterson that ran StatBombs. It is Ted Knutson. I’m a goober.

D) I made 14 other mistakes… if you can find them all and list each one in the comments, you can have a $1 gift card to REALLY!


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