ASA Podcast XXXIII: The one where we talk Re-Entry Draft

First and foremost, I want to pre-apologize for you having to tolerate terrible audio on the podcast. We’ve generally had good quality with just a few quirks in the system. This time around my microphone had an issue, and we couldn’t figure it out with the limited time that we had to record. Second, because we had limited time to record the podcast feels a bit rushed, and I’m sorry for that. I really wanted to get something together since it’d been a couple weeks since we last recorded, and I felt there were some good topics for us to touch on.

Today, we talk Portland, DC United, Seattle, while touching a bit on the Columbus and Sporting KC keeper trades. We roll into the SKC-versus-RSL MLS Cup and just give a few spare thoughts. It’s only 30 minutes and I think, despite the short time, we stay on topic and hit a lot of good highlights.

We’ll be back after the start of the new year and we’ll have our act together then. I still think today’s has some pretty good stuff, though!


One thought on “ASA Podcast XXXIII: The one where we talk Re-Entry Draft

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