Help Wanted: People With Free Time

I think this is about as opportune a time as any to do this, so I’m just going to throw it out there. While I’ve been saying it for a while, we’re really going to reboot this site to make data much more accessible, articles more engaging, and the experience more palatable.*

However, baby steps.

We need some volunteers to make a lot of this happen. People that can help us collect specific pieces of data that we aren’t able to poll or scrap. People that can help us transition this site into something usable. People to take the data we find, make something of it and write about it—tell people how this data can transform the beautiful game that we watch.

This isn’t about us, and it never has been. We all want to give back to this soccer analytics community in the best possible way. This has been my vision from the start, and I was lucky enough to find two awesome dudes to kick it off with. We would love to see more hands join us in this process.**

I’m not asking for money. Actually, I’m asking for something much more valuable than that, your time. We want to know who else is out there that is like the three of us, and that wants to dive into these numbers, explore them, and improve our understanding of soccer.

If this interests you, please e-mail me at farfromport[at] I’d love to have more brains that can think out these problems, come up with solutions and more efficient methods,  and ultimately refine what I am doing wrong. We’re about to head into the off-season, which lasts only about three months, and it gives us little time to make these changes.

The three of us all have important ladies in our lives, cats, other animals, families and college degrees to complete. Oh, and of course, full-time jobs too.*** We aren’t asking for your full lives, just some help. Thanks,

Harrison Crow

Matthias Kullowatz

Drew Olsen

*This is one of the biggest words Harrison has ever used correctly.

**Harrison is a soccer data socialist.

***Matthias claims to work full-time. His friends are skeptical.


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