ASA Podcast XXV: The One Where We Go Full West Coast–Mostly

I’m not really going to apologize for the biased topics. It’s very heavy Timbers/Sounders, which corresponds with the teams that we support, and we kind of neglect all else. The thing is this: despite there being 17 other teams in the league, this derby could also influence a lot of what’s going to happen to the rest of the Western Conference.

Obviously, that isn’t the whole narrative to the MLS playoffs, considering that there three-to-four clubs that could possibly swap in or out of the playoffs in the East. However, there just seemed to be a huge story line here to us, as well as some interesting numbers that correspond to it, which is why Timbers/Sounders became this week’s theme.

Next week we’ll return to taking a look at the rest of the league…mostly. I mean, I’m sure Sunday night’s game will come up, but there are other things to be mentioned and you’ll hear less of our bias. But, as it has been mentioned previously, bias accounts for a lot when dealing with numbers, and it only seems appropriate that it would also be present in what we do in regards to our podcast.

Oh, well. Here it is, and I hope you like it.


One thought on “ASA Podcast XXV: The One Where We Go Full West Coast–Mostly

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