A Look At The Weekend Performances Within the Final Third

I just recently discovered that the Golazo web application—with up-to-the-minute statistical game information courtesy of MLSsoccer.com—provides details for teams in the final third. Sadly enough they don’t keep the data available for long so I took advantage of a late evening to tally up the following numbers over the nine MLS matches this weekend. Below are the passing rates for each team in the final third of the pitch.

 Team Pass Completions Pass Attempts Pass Percentages Opponent
Union 68 105 74.20% Vancouver
RSL 68 98 72.40% NYRB
NYRB 89 131 69.10% RSL
San Jose 60 97 67.50% Portland
Houston 92 141 67.30% Chicago
Portland 91 146 66.40% San Jose
New England 72 121 66.20% DC
DC 69 115 64.10% New England
Sporting KC 75 121 63.50% Montreal
Colorado 64 113 63.30% LA Galaxy
LA Galaxy 69 121 63.20% Colorado
Toronto FC 85 137 62.90% Columbus
Columbus 54 107 62.50% Toronto FC
Seattle 67 117 61.50% Chivas
Chicago 57 103 61.10% Houston
Vancouver 51 102 55.30% Union
Chivas 54 108 52.00% Seattle
Montreal 31 80 50.80% Sporting KC

There really isn’t much in the way of true context at this point. Some of this is information is still about style rather than performance, but comparing the results and then applying some added data will be interesting. I wonder what, if anything, can be determined by this type of data.

I’d love to hear inputs from all you smart people.


2 thoughts on “A Look At The Weekend Performances Within the Final Third

  1. Harrison, Saw this for the first time today in prep for the podcast – good stuff – for better context – take total passes throughout game, then take these pass totals, and then shots taken, shots on goal and goals scored… to see if a linear relationship exists – one thing I would add is that passing as a penetration into the attacking third might miss dribble penetrations… not sure if that is available.

    Oddly enough, not sure why but the difference between passing attempts in attacking third and successful passes in the attacking third was only 1 off the overall total GSO’s I logged for Portland ‘and’ the GSO’s I logged for San Jose…

    In other words my GSO’s for Portland in that game were 53 and unsuccessful passes that game was 54… as for San Jose I tracked 37 GSO’s and the difference was 35.

    I’m not offering that there is a relationship yet but it is intriguing 🙂 one additional thing – i don’t know if this data separates out assists or shots taken different from a pass – in the OPTA chalkboard an assist is counted as a successful pass but a shot taken isn’t…

    All the best,

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