Squawka Enters MLS Statistic Scene

So last week, ironically at about this exact time, I wrote about WhoScored entering the realm of American soccer and how awesome and exciting it was that they were going to start providing and publishing statistics for MLS—allowing us to skip the process of having to count up all the individual games, not to mention the time-consuming tables that Matty puts together. Now we have much of that information at our convenient disposal.

Well we are getting even more spoiled as now Squawka joins the fray of MLS statistics.

If you haven’t been to Squawka yet, you need to visit their site. It’s not just a great collection of information, it’s visually stimulating and helps put things into a context, helping to convey a message better than some writers, especially me, can convey.

This isn’t just an awesome thing because it makes mine as well as my associates’ lives easier. It’s awesome because it’s adding to what WhoScored does, not competing with them. This isn’t FanGraphs vs. Baseball-Reference where you have similar but altogether different ways of arriving at thoughts and ideas that really confuse the hell out of you—like when you are trying to come up with whether or not Ricky Nolasco had a good season.

Sure there are some subtle differences between the two sites, and even how they end up rating a player. But this isn’t about exact sciences at this point. It’s more about making data prevalent. A big shout out goes to Nic English and his crew for getting this out there. Job well done.


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